Samstag, 3. März 2012

Thinkpad X121E running 64 bit Ubuntu 8GB RAM

Today I configured my Lenovo Thinkpad X121E now running Ubuntu 64 bit mode with 8 GB RAM(dual boot to pre-existing Windows7 64bit)

- Intel Core i3-2367M CPU @ 1,4 Ghz
- Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot"   AMD64
- x86_64
- Kernel 3.0.0-12-generic
- Memory: 7917 MB (says sysinfo)
- GSM modem (3G)

-WLAN works out of the box
- GSM connections work out of the box
- Touchpad and Track Point work out of the box

It was a bit of work, that means:

- Lenovo Recovery bootable USB Stick (preparation):
Get Lenovo recovery software on a bootable USB stick, with the help of preinstalled Lenovo Software
(since no recovery DVDs are rolled out with the equipment)

- Ubuntu bootable USB Live Stick (preparation)
To get the Ubuntu Stick for installation, I used Universal USB Installer, which runs very well. I took the image from  64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD that is the right thing for Intel CPUs (since Intel is using AMDs 64 design)!

- Parted Magic bootable USB Stick (preparation)
That is needed to repair the MBR if it gets defect. For preparation the "Universal USB Installer" makes a great job for Parted Magic, too. To repair a defect MBR ("No operating system" or ""Grub error, invalid arch independent ELF magic") I booted Partion Magic and did in console: "ms-sys -7 /dev/sdXXX" where sdXXX is a placeholder. In my special case it is just "sdb". the correct device id I got from gparted.

- Get empty space for new Ubuntu partition (I want dual boot)
Windows 7 drive management (no need for external partition management tools any more):
Reduce volume size, for that I got an empty space of approx. 160 GB.

- Setup BIOS:  Menu "Startup"
  - UEFI/Legacy Boot: both  (UEFI *and* Legacy)
  - UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority: "Legacy first" (important!)
  You have to setup BIOS before (!) installation.
  Otherwise you encounter "Grub error, invalid arch independent ELF magic" or "No operating system"
- Setup BIOS: Menu "USB"
  - USB UEFI BIOS Support may be "Enabled".

Installations runs smooth, I created one big EXT4 partition for "/" and one 10500 MB parition for swap.

Hardware compatibilty / Other problems:
- when I switch to an other Ubuntu user the track pad is disabled for him (only). Track Point works fine either.
- Brightness of LED display is divided into 6 levels (only)
- I dont get the Recovery option any more when booting - even the recovery partition didnt move.

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